Donate to our cause


Donate to our cause

When you donate something whether it is material or in form of money, you give great assistance to a person who would not have been able to get that thing by themselves. This is why Kisa foundation encourages people with generous hearts out there to come out and assist the people we care for with donations of any kind.

We have been able to work with different stakeholders who have donated something to our cause. They provide us with both financial and technical assistance with our work.

How the donations are distributed

Since we offer assistance to very many people, we make choices on the distribution of donations depending on how they will change the lives of those who receive them. We start with people in dire need of assistance.

We donate to all kinds of people who need help so that we can make their lives worth living. We are proud of the positive changes and happiness we bring into the lives of vulnerable people.

Who receives what you donate?

The donations go to;

  • The sick
  • The needy
  • Young mothers
  • The elderly
  • The orphans
  • Single parents

Our successful donation stories

Mr. Masinga, one of our old students, last week surprised us with a donation of four sewing machines. He said he wanted to help our school because, “If it wasn’t for Kisa Primary School giving me a scholarship for several years, I would never have been able to continue my education and become a successful businessman.”

He said he is inspired by our efforts to continue helping those in need, and he gave us the sewing machines to help equip our learners with practical skills which can help them in future. We are so grateful indeed. We will be holding sewing and tailoring classes for selected students during the school holidays.


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Kisa foundation Uganda (KFU) is a community based organization reg. no.NMC/CBO/203/21. The major aim is to help children achieve education, in a healthy and accessible environment with a vision of targeting schools, homes within the community.