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Help Orphans

Help Orphans In Uganda

If you want to help orphans in any way, you are welcome to our Charity Organization.

Many people have a good heart of wanting to do good. They want to help those who are less privileged to have better lives.

Unfortunately, they do not have the right channels through which to assist. This is why we have taken on this mantle of making it possible to bring help to orphans in Uganda.

There are many organizations in Uganda that claim to offer assistance to orphans but unfortunately, they use the help to gain wealth for themselves. If they decide to help, they only favor children who are not orphans, but just friends and relatives.

This is why as Kisa foundation for the less privileged we create direct access between the orphans and the people who donate to us.

Who Is An Orphan

An orphan is a child whose two biological parents passed on. An orphan is not necessarily a child, even a grown-up person can be an orphan if his or her parents are dead.

In the Ugandan context, an orphan is a child who has no one caring for him or her. Adults are not usually referred to as orphans because they can take care of themselves.

Therefore the term remains to only apply to young children or babies who are taken care of by persons who have no biological attachment to them.

Kisa foundation gives help to orphans by providing them food, an education, soft skills, morals, discipline, a home, and clothes, among other things.

The Increasing Number Of Orphans In Uganda

There is a growing number of orphans in Uganda. This is because of the unfavorable factors in the country that make these parents abandon their children through death or by intentional choices.

The two major things that contribute to the presence of  orphans include;

  • Poverty
  • Death

Parents of these children die from accidents, diseases, overindulgence, and suicide among others.

Sometimes it’s unfortunate that parents die and leave these children hanging, with no one to help them. In other instances, the relatives of the children take on the mantle to help the bereft orphans.

Fortunately, organizations like Kisa foundation exist to give comfort to the orphans.

We give them a home in the absence of family. Become their parents and friends in a harsh world. We do our best to provide for them and make them feel wanted and loved.

Kisa Foundation, A Charity In Uganda

Our foundation is called Kisa which is a word in Luganda. In English the word Kisa means mercy.  Sometimes it is confused with pity which loosely means to console with someone.

Kisa foundation does not stop at consoling with the orphans it helps.

We show mercy to the orphans and extend mercy to them in form of food, shelter, clothing, education, and health assistance, among others.

Mercy is empathic and we channel this empathy by doing everything in our means to give hope to hopeless children.

Kisa is founded on principles of love, honest, good for all, and compassion.

For more than 10 years we have intervened in the lives of many children who have finally found love in loving arms and lived meaningful lives.

How To Help Orphans In Our Organization

Our help us to extend a hand to different orphans in different parts of Uganda. If we do it alone, we may not be able to do much.

Fortunately, we have friends who have created channels to our organization through the support they give us.

These people and organizations have helped us reach the potential we had thought impossible. Through donations both financially, technically, and spiritually, we have been able to help as many orphans as possible.

We continue to welcome more and more people who can assist us in any way.

You can become a part of our growing family and meet and interact with the children that we help physically.

People/Organizations That Provide Assistance To Orphans

Click the button below to talk to us and know more about how to get in contact with us.

We welcome any kind of donation. Our donors are encouraged to spare time and talk to these orphans and give them hope.

We always tell the children that there is a big world out there that is ready to receive them and love them.

Join us and be a tool of inspiration to the young ones. We have been blessed to connect with organizations like BoystoMen.

These organizations help us to motivate young boy orphans through talks on how to grow up into responsible men.

We have very many friends across the world who have been with us for a time and help us whenever they can


Educate An Orphan

Educate An Orphan is one of the endeavors or projects we have put in place to help us provide children with education.

The endeavor has helped us to provide lower primary education to more than 50 orphans.

With assistance from many people both from Africa and outside it, we have been able to construct a lower primary school.

The school is known as Kisa Primary school, located in Wakiso, Nansana, Uganda.

This school accommodates a total of 150 children. We enroll both children with parents and those under the organization’s care.

With this school, our goal to educate orphans from different parts of Uganda has yielded some fruits.

Feed The Orphans.

Another project we have undertaken. Under this endeavor, Kisa foundation engages in agriculture on a small scale to get food to feed the children.

With paid assistance from local labor, we do gardening two times every year. We grow food for both the foundation and for the school.

For the food we can’t grow, we use funds we receive from donations to buy. We also buy other supplements for the children’s diet.

We would like to appreciate to our donors who push us through times when the prices of food are high in Uganda. Without you this endeavor would have failed.

Clothe An Orphan

This is another of our drives that has helped us provide clothes for the orphans under the care of the organization.

We collect both new and old clothes from shops and people respectively. These clothes are then distributed to the orphans in respective sizes.

So far this is one of the most successful endeavors we have undertaken. No orphan under our care goes without clothing on his or her back.

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Kisa foundation Uganda (KFU) is a community based organization reg. no.NMC/CBO/203/21. The major aim is to help children achieve education, in a healthy and accessible environment with a vision of targeting schools, homes within the community.