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Volunteering is rewarding and appealing. You will not only gain valuable experience but also help us to extend the impact of Kisa Foundation and to fulfill our mission. You can help us grow and prosper by sharing your talents. Join fellow volunteers and lend a hand, explore a host country, build global friendships and make a difference.

We are so much thankful for you being interested to be part of the Kisa foundation Kisa foundation has welcomed many volunteers from all over the world and we always love to welcome more change-makers to be part of this amazing work of helping orphan children thrive and empowering youths and widows to become self sustainable.

Uganda is a beautiful country. There are many things to see and do, there are also some helpful things to know before visiting. Our staff has a lot of experience traveling and living in Uganda, especially our regions of operation. You can access some of our tips, thoughts, and resources 

What does this project provide the women & youths?


This involves accountancy and finance of the projects, Project management planning, implementation and monitoring, defining budget and evaluation, finding and routing new sources of sustainability.


In collaboration with our teaching staffs, you will help to teach subjects such as English, physical education, work as a sports teacher or a chapel teacher to spiritually uplift our children in knowing God.

Skills Training

Volunteers will help in training women and youths skills in Computer use, tailoring, craft making and hair styling. We also welcome new ideas and new skills that can suit and help improve their lives.


This incorporates strategic marketing, promotion of projects and finding market for products from the empowerment program using videos, social networks, flyers, brochures,etc to enlarge the organization visibility.

Video/ Photograpy

This project targets volunteers with skills in photography and videography. Your tasks will include taking photos of on going projects and developing short videos for marketing and advertising KFU.

Public Relations

With the objective of recruiting new volunteers or interns, build a strong network and collecting supports, you will be looking for both local and international partners with School, foundations and companies.

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We hope you have enjoyed our short trip through what volunteering can be like at Kisa Foundation. To continue and become part of our amazing team, please go ahead and fill this form below, one of our team member will quikly get back to you and take you through the entire process.