About Us

Kisa Foundation

Welcome to Kisa Foundation Uganda

Kisa foundation Uganda (KFU) is a community based organization reg. no.NMC/CBO/203/21. The major aim is to help children achieve education, in a healthy and accessible environment with a vision of targeting schools, homes within the community.

Kisa foundation Uganda is an affiliation to Kisa primary orphanage a school which helps to educate orphans and disadvantaged children in primary education. Kisa primary was founded in 1993 and it has been able to educate out 1758 children of which 754 are orphans. Unfortunately some of have not been able to acquire any further education after primary seven at Kisa.

LOCATION: KFU is found in Uganda, Wakiso district, Nansana Municipal council, West one zone at Kisa primary school.

Our Vision

We believe when you change a child's life, you change a family which can change a community and ultimately the world.


To transforming the lives of children at risk, providing them and their future generations a productive future and eternal hope.


We demonstrate the love of God in ACTION To mankind through compassionate and humanitarian means


Transparent and accountability, God first, Non partisan Serving the most vulnerable


To enable needy people and their family, households improve their quality of life by reducing poverty, diseases and ignorance and achieve sustainable development through community initiatives.


To introduce, reveal the heart of God and restore Hope in the lives of people leading development.



  • To sensitize communities on the need to integrate vocational skills of all people who are in the need into socio-economic development processes and carry out programs that enhance their social —economic emancipation
  • To participate actively in life skills training / awareness education initiative programs like counseling and rehabilitation selflessly to a cross section of the civil societies in Uganda through folklore, media, print and electronic medium of communication. 
  • To provide home /community based care to people with HIV/AIDS and their families in order to improve their accessibility to health care.
  • To equip the OVC's households with entrepreneurship skills and after avail financial support through low interest soft loans to boost income.
  • To provide HIV prevention, Control and management services to our registered clients in partnership with other CSO's and Government institutions/ministries.
  • To perform any other aims and objectives that the General Assembly may deem fit and proper for the organization.